Stand Up Comedy : Make The World A Better Place

Stand up comedy has been around for ages and it doesn’t seem to get out of the way anytime soon. If anything, this essence of standard humor expression is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world, Many young individuals are joining the industry not only because of the talent they have at hand but also because of the enormous monetary compensation it promises.

Consequently, various societies accept and recognize stand up comedy as one of the purest forms of public communication, which also implements various cultural and social aspects in its presentation. Therefore in this regard, one can say that stand up comedy and social change go hand in hand. Social change is the backbone of stand up comedy as it provides stability in the conceptualization of topics for discussion. 

Although the subject of humor is usually undervalued, it’s quite clear that the study of culture and society cannot significantly wrap its fingers around the index of societal values, concerns and even attitudes without its incorporation. Hence, stand up comedy reveals the best concepts of humor and positively manifests its values within a given culture with an aim of triggering the social change in various aspects of our daily lives.

Presently, most TV and Live performance programs use the “laughter effect” to pass their messages on social change. This includes issues to do with poverty eradication, ending marital abuse to the importance of political change. And even if this concept has been so far successful, there is still an underlying factor that stand up comedy and social change has its roots deeply intertwined with several dramatic performances and complex rituals. All this with a richer value than we can ever comprehend.

Lastly, we can confidently say that comedy without excellent performance skills is a total failure. But still, artists should know where to draw the line while embracing their creative freedom. So can stand up comedy bring social change into our society? Be the judge!

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