Stand Up Comedy : Make The World A Better Place

Stand up comedy has been around for ages and it doesn’t seem to get out of the way anytime soon. If anything, this essence of standard humor expression is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world, Many young individuals are joining the industry not only because of the talent they have at hand but also because of the enormous monetary compensation it promises.

Consequently, various societies accept and recognize stand up comedy as one of the purest forms of public communication, which also implements various cultural and social aspects in its presentation. Therefore in this regard, one can say that stand up comedy and social change go hand in hand. Social change is the backbone of stand up comedy as it provides stability in the conceptualization of topics for discussion. 

Although the subject of humor is usually undervalued, it’s quite clear that the study of culture and society cannot significantly wrap its fingers around the index of societal values, concerns and even attitudes without its incorporation. Hence, stand up comedy reveals the best concepts of humor and positively manifests its values within a given culture with an aim of triggering the social change in various aspects of our daily lives.

Presently, most TV and Live performance programs use the “laughter effect” to pass their messages on social change. This includes issues to do with poverty eradication, ending marital abuse to the importance of political change. And even if this concept has been so far successful, there is still an underlying factor that stand up comedy and social change has its roots deeply intertwined with several dramatic performances and complex rituals. All this with a richer value than we can ever comprehend.

Lastly, we can confidently say that comedy without excellent performance skills is a total failure. But still, artists should know where to draw the line while embracing their creative freedom. So can stand up comedy bring social change into our society? Be the judge!

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Who Are The Greatest Comedians Of All Time?

Many comedians are a flash in the pan, briefly popular but without a real longevity for their careers. Few actors are able to maintain their creativity in recent years. bleeding is too common Some privileged people remain current and bright and continue to develop fantastic elements, while others are quickly forgotten. Who are the greatest comedians of all time? Here are the actors whose brilliant work earned them the title of comical royalty:

George Carlin. Carline was one of the best comedians of all time. He had a natural gift for time and insinuation. What is particularly interesting in Carlin’s career is his evolution over time. He began his career as such and evolved over time into a rebellious iconoclast whose lines were aimed at people and organizations in power.Carlin has many classic routines from the 70 that are still famous. However, it remained relevant much later and appeared on several HBO specials. He worked until his death and published everything from books to DVD, almost to the end.

Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld’s “Seinfeld” program was the best program in the United States for many years. The end of the show had 75 million viewers! Even when they are broadcast, the old episodes of Seinfeld are very popular among the spectators. Seinfeld was a true pioneer. His humor uses dry sarcasm and spiritual observation of the most mundane and trivial aspects of daily life. Each young actor now uses some of these techniques in his work. For a very intelligent and intelligent humor, Seinfeld is unbeatable.

Dave Chapelle. is also an incredibly funny man. Although he has been at the center of recent years, he is still a favorite fan and an important figure in the world of comedy, showing how powerful the impact of his work has been. His show, the “Dave Chapel Show”, has captivated a large audience during his two seasons. Chapelle was renewed for the third season but retired due to stress and creativity related to the format of the show. However, the show has been widely acclaimed by the public and critics during its two years of presence. Chapelle is a subversive comedian. Use humor to address controversial issues. People who like this kind of comedy will really appreciate what they did. From his series to the movies in which he performed, there’s always something to laugh about when you look at all of Chapelle’s work.

Rob Paravonian. Famous for its Pachelbel Rant, which has obtained more than five million views on YouTube, Paravonian will travel to the East Coast and Midwest in the coming months. A musician since childhood, when he learned to play the cello in elementary school, he did not start playing guitar on stage until he had already become a comedian. The boredom of waiting for his sets in the comedy clubs led him to take the guitar to entertain other comics waiting behind the scenes. Since then, it has become his main comedic instrument.

Robin Williams made his television debut on the hit series Mork & Mindy from 1978 to 1982. Later, he became one of the best comedians of his generation. He is an incredibly good actor and has had incredible movies.…

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How To Become A Comedian?

It is not a secret these days that comedians earn good money doing what they like doing best. That is not only in Europe and America, but now also in Africa. This profession has become a very profitable one to the extent that there are very few social events that do not incorporate comedians as part of the program for the occasion. Comedy has therefore become a popular profession and provides a lot of people their daily bread.And so many people asks this question How to Become A Comedian?

The question however is this: “How do you become a comedian since this is one of those professions that are not taught in any of our conventional institutions of learning?” How does an interested person become a Comedian? While some lucky people are born comedians, others just have to learn the art somehow. Those who are not gifted in this direction but wish to become comedians do so mainly because they see it as a source of employment and of making some money. This category of people will have to learn the trade in order to be able to practice it successfully. Difficult as that seems, it is not impossible once one is really interested as can be seen from a few comedians who started weakly but gradually developed their skills with time. How did they do that?There are a few ways on How to Become A Comedian?

This act is usually seen in kids in class who are used to imitating and making fun of their teachers behind their backs. Imitation of certain acts on a regular basis can make one to actually become good at such things. It is therefore logical that those who imitate comedians especially at an early age eventually end up as comedians themselves.

Story Telling:
People who tell jokes can make a crowd laugh for a while but lose the attention of same crowd very quickly when they do so too often or tell same types of jokes. However, a person who is good at telling stories can hold his or her audience spell-bound for quite some time as long as the story has funny elements well embedded in it. Materials for such stories abound all around us in our daily interactions with people.

Observe Anomalies Around You:
A very observant person will be able to take note of the abnormalities that exist in his or her environment and use that in entertaining people. This can involve using absurd situations in a creative way to entertain people and bringing out the positives of a bad situation. A good example of that is the saying that “but for Noah’s carelessness, we would not have been having mosquitoes and Malaria today. All he needed to have done is to ensure there were no mosquitoes in the Ark.”

Be Unique As Much As Possible:
Some people erroneously think they have to act in a particular way or like a particular popular comedian in order to be accepted by the audience. Nothing can be further than the truth. You are better off remaining yourself and developing your own style. Most audiences respect and appreciate originality. Like your stories or jokes, you need to be seen as being original.And that is How to Become A Comedian.…

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