Is Tattoo Removal the Best Option for You? What’s Involved in the Process?

Getting a tattoo is one of those decisions that you may not always think through, and you may not think about how that tattoo will fare over time. They are often an impulse decision that you make in the moment, only to regret it in the weeks, months, or years to follow. Sometimes, it’s not the tattoo itself you regret, and it may just not be a well-done piece of art. Depending on the tattoo artist you visited, it just may not live up to your standards.

So, what happens when you’re left staring at a tattoo you no longer like or want? This is when people typically start to think about tattoo removal and whether it is right for them. To help you come to a decision of whether tattoo removal is right for you, let’s take a closer look at things to know about tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Tends to Be Much More Involved than Getting the Tattoo

While it would be nice if the process was as straight-forward as getting a tattoo, typically removal is much more involved. While there are tattoo studios that use a laser process to remove them, the fact is that it takes a lot more than just one visit and often it’s best to visit your doctor and be referred to a professional dermatologist.

It Takes a Long Time

As mentioned, tattoo removal is also a lengthy process. Some people have very good luck with laser removal, but it takes many visits over a fair amount of time in order to completely remove the tattoo for most clients. In fact, it can take a year or more depending on the tattoo you are trying to remove.

Tattoo Removal Tends to Cost More than the Tattoo

Another thing to keep in mind is that tattoo removal tends to be more costly than getting the initial tattoo or a cover-up tattoo. This is because it typically takes many visits and procedures until you are successful in removing it.

The Process Isn’t Pain-Free

It’s also important to go in being realistic with your expectations. Just as it was painful to get your tattoo, the removal process will be just as painful if not more. Some complain of discomfort for a few hours after the visit, and some even experience a few days or weeks of pain. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep the area bandaged for at least the first few days to ensure it stays clean and can heal.

It Offers a Permanent Solution

When it comes to the number one reason people go ahead with tattoo removal, it’s simple – it is a permanent solution. You don’t have to try to worry about covering up your tattoo with clothing or getting a cover-up tattoo to transform the tattoo into something else by adding features, colour, and other design elements to it. You go through the entire process once, and you don’t have to deal with the tattoo ever again.

Tattoo removal is certainly something you don’t want to rush into, but it’s the only way to permanently remove a tattoo you are no longer happy with.

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