Best Places to See Stand Up Comedy in…New York

New York City is called home of stand up comedians by some of the best comedians of the world as there are a number of places where you can see them in this city. Some of these venues are briefly described in this write-up for your consideration. You can enjoy comedy shows at these places whenever they are organized.

Black Cat LES

It is one of the restaurants and cafés situated at Lower East Side which is popular among freelancers, students and other people interested to get some work in comfortable environment. Free comedy shows are hosted at this spot at night.

The Bell House

It is one of the music venues in Gowanus which includes an ornate room in the front and a performance space in the rear along with two bars to enjoy wide variety of drinks. The performance space in the rear is used for recording podcasts, intimate shows of bands and the sows of wild comedy.

Carolines on Broadway

It is one of the bars in Midtown West where getting space to perform is hard even for the popular stand-up comedians performing regularly at other similar venues. Along with the shows of stand-up comedy you can also see celebrities including the stars of sitcom as well as a number of other popular faces at this venue since 1980s.

Comedy Cellar

It is one of the comedy clubs in New York City situated in Greenwich Village which gets crowded by fans of stand up comedy on the weekends. Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer etc. are some of the popular stand up comedians who usually perform along with other local comedians, with X-rated performances, at any night as compared to other comedy clubs in this city.

Club Cumming

It is one of the cocktail bars in NYC situated in East Village which was earlier known as Eastern Bloc bar, taken over by Alan Cumming and Daniel Nardicio in 2017. They used it as a party hub and a venue for comedy and cabaret shows, in the golden era of downtown nightlife in NYC. A number of stellar cabarets, dance parties of 1990s and comedy nights have been organized at this venue since its opening as Club Cumming. East Village is such a nice and trendy area that you might want to go there not only to watch stand-up shows. Not far from the New York Stock Exchange, The Brooklyn Bridge or a few museums, the location is ideal if you’re visiting New York. A few years ago, I got the chance to visit Sydney (Australia). A friend of mine recommended me to check Air bnb to find affordable accommodations. quickbreaks was very helpful and I found really nice places to stay at. Make sure you check it out, they may have great things in New York too!

The Duplex

It is a theater other than Broadway situated in West Village which provides space for quality fun and cabarets as it allows you to see the oldest cabaret of this city at this venue. A number of tourists and regular visitors sing and laugh with star performers and stand up comedians on the second floor of this popular venue.

The Creek and the Cave

This place for stand up comedians of New York City is situated at Long Island City. This place offers multi-level venue for the comedians to perform at every night of the week and sometimes on the busy nights of weekend you can see even free shows at this venue. This old theater is also known for hosting large as well as small shows like standup comedy shows and storytelling shows along with ready-to-eat Mexican food at reasonable prices so that you can enjoy them with your family and friends.

If you’re looking to buy tickets online make sure to go through a trustworthy site with a secured billing system as many sites would just scam you. More details needed? Check for more peace of mind.…

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How To Become A Comedian?

It is not a secret these days that comedians earn good money doing what they like doing best. That is not only in Europe and America, but now also in Africa. This profession has become a very profitable one to the extent that there are very few social events that do not incorporate comedians as part of the program for the occasion. Comedy has therefore become a popular profession and provides a lot of people their daily bread.And so many people asks this question How to Become A Comedian?

The question however is this: “How do you become a comedian since this is one of those professions that are not taught in any of our conventional institutions of learning?” How does an interested person become a Comedian? While some lucky people are born comedians, others just have to learn the art somehow. Those who are not gifted in this direction but wish to become comedians do so mainly because they see it as a source of employment and of making some money. This category of people will have to learn the trade in order to be able to practice it successfully. Difficult as that seems, it is not impossible once one is really interested as can be seen from a few comedians who started weakly but gradually developed their skills with time. How did they do that?There are a few ways on How to Become A Comedian?

This act is usually seen in kids in class who are used to imitating and making fun of their teachers behind their backs. Imitation of certain acts on a regular basis can make one to actually become good at such things. It is therefore logical that those who imitate comedians especially at an early age eventually end up as comedians themselves.

Story Telling:
People who tell jokes can make a crowd laugh for a while but lose the attention of same crowd very quickly when they do so too often or tell same types of jokes. However, a person who is good at telling stories can hold his or her audience spell-bound for quite some time as long as the story has funny elements well embedded in it. Materials for such stories abound all around us in our daily interactions with people.

Observe Anomalies Around You:
A very observant person will be able to take note of the abnormalities that exist in his or her environment and use that in entertaining people. This can involve using absurd situations in a creative way to entertain people and bringing out the positives of a bad situation. A good example of that is the saying that “but for Noah’s carelessness, we would not have been having mosquitoes and Malaria today. All he needed to have done is to ensure there were no mosquitoes in the Ark.”

Be Unique As Much As Possible:
Some people erroneously think they have to act in a particular way or like a particular popular comedian in order to be accepted by the audience. Nothing can be further than the truth. You are better off remaining yourself and developing your own style. Most audiences respect and appreciate originality. Like your stories or jokes, you need to be seen as being original.And that is How to Become A Comedian.…

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